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Energy Savings Through Process Controls
Combustion Controls And Burner Management


For the last two decades Mark E. Illian has been developing a paradigm shift in the way operators interact with their controls. He sits with management to identify what constitutes business excellence and then translates that into process information that the operators can relate to. Instead of their monitoring just flows, temperatures, pressures, and analyzers, they begin to monitor real time business success in dollars. Thus giving the operators real time information on how well they are doing their job while the are doing it—in business language. Mr. Illian has recognized the importance of the people in the field. His work is to define and achieve business objectives through a paradigm shift on how operators interact with their controls.

Mark Illian graduated with honors from Texas A&M University with a degree in Electrical Engineering in 1974. Starting work in the massive petrochemical industry of Texas City, TX he began his fundamental fieldwork, applying advanced process controls and troubleshooting process dynamics. The applications were highly integrated and critical. Nearly all of Mr. Illian's experience has been in the field, solving problems through the application of thermodynamics, chemical dynamics and operator interface. Mr. Illian founded the consulting firm of Synergy Services in 1982. While continuing the control projects activities, he began teaching applied combustion technology and hazardous waste incineration technology in the US, Europe, and the Middle East.

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