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Energy Savings Through Process Controls
Combustion Controls And Burner Management


Fuel related, industrial explosions and near misses are becoming all too common of late. Synergy Services’ knowledge of burner management logic principals, the National Fire Protection Association Standards, and both new and old hardware technologies can be a valuable tool in reviewing old burner management systems (BMS). We can help you get rid of the "puffs" and difficult light off.

Synergy Services has a wealth of success in finding fuel saving opportunities in older burner management systems. If there have been any modifications to your combustion unit, or changes in fuel characteristics, or the speed that load changes are needed, you may have opportunities for fuel savings utilizing your existing equipment and software.

We offer EXPERIENCE and VERY CAREFUL coordination with your instrument technicians and operators. PATIENCE and ruthless attention to detail is paramount. We start with a detail review of the BMS logic and then interview the instrument technicians (or electricians) and operators. We then resolve the inconsistencies between what the logic diagrams show and what the operators know. We work side by side with your technicians so that they know why and how changes are to be made and tested.

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