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Energy Savings Through Process Controls
Combustion Controls And Burner Management


Synergy Services finds fuel savings or increased capacity opportunities by applying control and operator interface theory to existing combustion (fired) and related equipment. From boilers to hazardous waste incinerators to co-generation facilities, our forte is working with your existing controls, your instrument technicians and your operators. We have no magic boxes or proprietary software. We apply years of combustion, thermodynamics and process control knowledge to automate the opportunities in the process swings and inter-plant multi-variables—finding opportunity in chaos.

The more complex your site and plant interactions, the more probable the savings in fuel and electrical power. Often we realize savings by giving the operators real time information on how well they are doing their job while they are doing it. It sounds simple but it often involves real time calculations of incremental cost and business opportunities in a language that the operators can relate to.

We evaluate the process dynamics looking for repeatable short-term opportunities and then configure the existing controls to automatically take advantage of those opportunities. By identifying savings opportunities and then implementing minor control changes at the beginning of the project, Synergy Services can be “paid as you save”.

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