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Energy Savings Through Process Controls
Combustion Controls And Burner Management


Waste Incineration and the Combustion Process
March 27th-30th, 2006
Course Director: Mark E. Illian
Additional Faculty: Walter R. Niessen & John D. Young

• Combustion Chemistry
• Process Design—Troubleshooting
Pollutant Formation
Regulations (Including IPPC Act)
Equipment Selection
Air Pollution Controls
Emissions Monitoring
Burners and Refractory

This course presents a practical approach to the incineration of hazardous and non-hazardous waste in various types of combustion systems. You will be guided through the details of equipment selection based on principals of chemistry, thermodynamics and pollution formation mechanisms.

Applications will be made to the incineration of all species of waste including municipal wastes. Many types of equipment will be discussed including rotary kilns, modular units, fluidized bed, multiple hearth, boiler firebox, furnaces and fired heaters. Air pollution control, stack monitoring, safety interlocks and instrumentation will be discussed.

Combustion mechanisms, heat/material balances and the selection of principle organic constituents will be presented in the context of various European and US environmental regulations including the IPPC act.

Course offered through The Center For Professional Advancement.

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